Sir & Madam, I Do Not Understand

I do not understand the reason why our government does not want to lower the price of gasoline by $2.05 billion annually. I do not understand why our government does not want to give Americans 94 billion miles of free travel mileage annually. I do not understand why our government does not want to eliminate 4.04 million tons of unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions annually. I do not understand why our government wants to continue the futile and expensive folly of trying to replace foreign oil imports costing $314 billion annually with ethanol when it is impossible to replace more than 10%. Our government could give all of these benefits to Americans, prevent unnecessary pollution, and substantially improve our national security and promote our general welfare with jobs and greater workers’ income by doing only one simple thing — eliminate the ethanol mandate. Continue reading

Lying for the Greater Good is in the Muslim’s Quran

Obama is proud of the nuclear treaty which John Kerry has made with Iran, a Shia Muslim nation. America’s allies in the area — Israel, a Jewish nation, and Saudi Arabia, a Sunni Muslim nation — say that a treaty with Iran is a big mistake.

Obama ignored the advice of friendly nations who are closer to Iran. Obama, who as a boy was raised by his Muslim step-father, Lolo Soetoro, should know the word, “Taqiyya,” pronounced tagiye. It means to hide under a false appearance. In other words: lie. Continue reading

Christmas 1944

Upon being drafted during World War II in October 1944 after reaching the age of 18, I started basic Infantry training at Camp Wolters near Mineral Wells, Texas. My basic training was as an intelligence and reconnaissance (I & R) scout, where every soldier in my training unit had some college experience, which had some obvious advantages. I discovered, however, that an I & R scout was the guy out in front of an Infantry unit who gathers intelligence about the enemy by drawing enemy fire so that the Infantry unit will know where the enemy is located. Continue reading

Our National Security Must Come First

Here’s an op-ed in The Georgetown Advocate:

Americans must seriously consider the national security of the United States above all else. National security must come before self-interest, apathy, or simple neglect. There are too many national politicians from both parties advocating ethanol or tolerating ethanol by agreeing to “All-of-the-Above” energy or just not paying attention.

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Obama Violated the Constitution

Here’s an op-ed in The Georgetown Advocate:

Every American should look up Section 3 of Article II of the United States Constitution. There, you will find the duty of the President. There, our Constitution says that the President shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed. The founding fathers’ use of the word “shall” signifies a command and not a suggestion. The command is clear, short, uncomplicated, unambiguous and to the point. The word “Care,” as in healthcare, means to give interest or concern. The word “faithfully” means firmly in adherence and observance of duty. “Executed” means to be carried out fully and be put completely in effect.
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